Temporary military hospital for Covid-19.

Verdun Hospital

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Verdun Hospital needed additional temporary space to receive more patients at their establishment.

Challenge :

  1. Installing the tent within 15 days, including preparatory management and configuration work while respecting the various safety standards prescribed by the building code and the CNESST.
  2. Allow integration of running water, sewage systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary block and electrical management of more than 10,000 amps.
  3. The technical specifications of the tent had to be certified by an engineer for wind loads of up to 140 km / h.
  4. Although the installation was temporary, it had to be able to remain in place for several months.
  5. The collaboration of a dedicated and hardworking team mixed with the flexibility of Grandchamp structures are a large part of the reason why this was such a success.

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