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Buy directly from the manufacturer

Clear Span Structure Tents

wind icon

140 km/h

Resistant to 140 km/h winds (86mph)

dimensions icon

140 ft wide

Width up to 140 feet


Our tents are all certified by an in-house engineer

experience icon

35 years

More than 35 years of tent leasing experience

custom made icon

Flexible Design

Custom design on request

weight icon

80 Lbs

Can withstand snow loads of up to 80 lbs/sqft


Build your 3D Tent

Discover the world of customization with our 3D tent configuration tool. Create your custom tent in just a few clicks: adjust dimensions, add accesories, and more. Make your vision reality right now

Custom Structure tents

Brave Mother Nature

Grandchamp Structure tent Design specializes in manufacturing commercial tent and selling clear span tent, including four-season tents, structure tent and marquees.

Our structure tents are modular in height, width and length. You can also choose the desired color and shape!

Tent Structure Manufacturer

Designed and engineered

Our engineering certified wind and snow resistant marquees are delivered everywhere across North America.

Thousands of tents created and delivered in the last 35 years

Small Tent


The marquee is our signature tent! It embodies one of the emblematic products of the marquee market. At Grandchamp, we have improved several aspects of the marquee over time:

  • Sliding wall system on casters and in the leg
  • Self-supporting, therefore without center mast
  • Wind resistance Modular (10, 15 or 20 feet wide, according to your needs)
  • Choice of windowed walls tinted anti-UV (blackout) or white
  • Easy handling

Tents for renters

Are you a tent rental company?

Products designed by a rental company, for renters. Learn why our marquees are so effective for rental companies.

Used structure tents for sale

Used tents

We sell our used rental tents(in very good condition) at a very affordable price. For more information, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers.

Contract Manufacturing

Fabric manufacturing for different industries. You got a fabric project, we got the solution.

A Reliable Company

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A company to count on

It was then that Grandchamp Structure tent Design was born. This company specializes in the manufacture of 4-season marquees. The company can therefore offer specialized and much more versatile marquees, while respecting its standards of efficiency and solidity.For example, Grandchamp Structure Design manufactures the largest and strongest structure tents in North America.

Braving Mother Nature:

In addition, the company has been able to cope with the varied weather conditions of its North American region by designing tents that can withstand heavy snow loads and winds of 140 km. Finally, in addition to rental, Grandchamp Structure Design offers a unique solution to all its customers who wish to buy a marquee. It offers the possibility of configuring the design of a structure tent adapted to their specific needs. Whether in terms of width, length, or even height, now everything is possible.

Since 1985

Grandchamp Structure Design has conceptualized and manufactured structural tents and canopies for several years. In this regard, it is essential for the company to be at the forefront of the market in order to push the boundaries. Since the R and D (research and development) team works in parallel with the production department, each tent product is constantly improving to meet the customer's needs. These improvements are also designed to be more efficient during installations. When it comes to our innovations, we must first understand that all our structure tents are made with compatible and interchangeable parts. This is to say that they are modular. This allows a wide range of possibilities with as few parts as possible. In addition, the company has configured the "bolt-on" system, for attachment at any point on the aluminum structure, an innovation that embodies efficiency through simplicity. Finally, all structures are assembled with a single tool and a single bolt. Ultimately, at Grandchamp Structure Design, the improvement and development of structural tents is continuous. In recent years, the company has invested several million dollars in innovation, including the purchase of major automation equipment and software that enables new production processes. In addition, training was provided to employees to update their knowledge. Finally, all of these internal corporate changes necessitated the expansion of our premises. Since these investments have made it possible to reorganize the production chain, the company has the opportunity to reinvent the processes already in place to push the boundaries of the market. This is why Grandchamp Structure Design sets itself apart from its competitors while remaining at the forefront of the structure tent market and establishing itself as a leader. This is also one of the reasons the company won the prestigious "Distinction" award in the manufacturing category.


Our vision is to become and remain the largest rental, manufacturing and exporting company for structured marquees in Canada. To creatively meet all the challenges that will be presented to it, the company must necessarily have a solid foundation. This is why each employee adheres to a Lean management philosophy that facilitates dynamism and mutual aid between departments. Whether in R&D, production or even installations, everyone in the company works together. The common objective: the constant search for improvement in relation to the product offered to customers, but also to their working environment. Lean management therefore becomes a way of structuring and standardizing the work of employees in order to improve efficiency on a daily basis. Thus, by working in a clean and well organized environment, the philosophy of Lean management enriches the motivation of the employees. They can now focus on the 4 essential values ​​of Grandchamp:Innovation Solidity Efficiency Professionalism

UGAR University Grandchamp at Repentigny.

The only way to grow a business is to grow people first.

It is in this philosophy that we will therefore multiply our efforts for our employees and client partners, by giving us the training infrastructure and the means to innovate, be competitive, seize business opportunities and prosper. Ask our representatives for more information about our UGÀR program.

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Tailored to your industry






Marquee Landlord






Marquee Landlord



Good fabric tension


Mutually compatible models




Easy-slide walls


Attachments available everywhere


Round ends

First of all, round ends are one of Grandchamp Structure Design’s specialities. In addition to his luxurious look and innovative design, this clear span geometry allows better resistance to the wind.

In fact, with its roof in single-piece, it provides an easy handling for those who wants to install the structure tent themselves.

It’s possible to configure several different shapes such as round form or oval tents with middle sections. This gives you a multitude of opportunities to create a unique clear span, according to your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our round clear span.

Winter tents

Our tents are designed, tested and certified to withstand heavy snow loads. They are perfectly adapted to our Canadian winters.


We have various solutions to enhance your tent, such as glass walls, doors (single or double), lighting, flooring, rigid walls, panoramic clear walls, vinyl printing, large format display), etc.

We collaborated on these projects!

  • Montreal in Lights
    A major project, with tailor-made requests...in the dead of winter!
  • Verdun Hospital
    Building an entire temporary facility for a hospital during this pandemic has been a great challenge!
  • Matra Show 2019
    Holding a truck with our tent for a show? We sure can do it! But has the road to get there been easy?
  • Port of Montreal
    The Port of Montreal is the first official project where the XL beam was put to use.

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