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Designed in-house
We manufacture the accessories ourselves in our warehouses for metal, vinyl from A to Z which allows us to react quickly to your needs.
R & D department
Our R & D team is focused on developing and improving our accessories avoiding any problem that may be encountered.
Safe solutions
All our products have been tested on rental sites to ensure their safety once installed.
Removable, temporary
Our accessories remain removable, modular and are suitable for all our models of struture tents.

Glass doors

No matter how useful your marquee is, at Grandchamp you can buy single or double doors to really make your marquee a closed and insulated space.

Light up your space

Solid glass wall

This product is an alternative that was designed as part of a project, and since that time these are constantly in demand. This provides a clean, bright look and a good permanent option for solid walls. We use real tempered glass so this is not vinyl and looks like a huge full size window. You also have the option of taking full-size solid white opaque rigid walls, which we call alupanels.

Round ends

You have the option of adding a round end, this unusual configuration to the marquee, very resistant, this round end has better resistance to wind than our usual flat ends.

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