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With an in-house High definition Plasma cutter, we achieve faster and more precise metal parts. From steel to aluminum, we can cut, weld and assemble anything.
Cutting-edge automated equipment
We truly believe in automatisation. The time when we needed scissors to cut fabric is over!
Military-grade quality
As one of the best/main supplier for the Canadian Armed Forces, we have a deep knowlege in Quality Control.
Speed is in our DNA
Born from the event business, we understand what "The show must go on" means! With an automated manufacturing line and determined people, we can deliver faster than anybody else.
Cutting-edge technology

Fully automated manufacturing

Beeing one of the biggest automated fabric manufacturer in North America, we are ready to take your production to the next level. With Lean Manufacturing in our blood, we can help achieve a better product.

With a vertically-integrated manufacturing line from metal work to fabric and printing, we are your one stop shop.

Engineering design team

Let our dynamic Design and engineer team take your projet to the next level.

We offer a full service, from design all the way to finishing elements analysis.

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