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We offer you recycled tents with our manufacturer's warranty.

Used structure and new canvas are very advantageous.


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In Canada we have been renting tents since 1985. Each year we sell used rental tents (in very good condition) at a very affordable price. This allows us to serve you better if you need a complete marquee quickly or just additional parts to meet your needs.

Since the global pandemic of recent years, supply chains have become long for many manufacturing companies. At Grandchamp Chapiteaux our business model is to manufacture 4 season marquees for rental and for marquee lessors in North America. We therefore have a very large inventory of tents for our rental agency in Canada which remains ready to serve you for an urgent purchase or for a more affordable price.

In fact, the aluminum structure of a marquee does not really wear out, and its lifespan is several years, even 20 to 30 years and even more. Consider that the structure is the biggest part of the bill. We therefore offer you new roof canvases and walls for a complete visual enhancement and absolute efficiency of the very need of the marquee.

All our tents are sold with an inspection and warranty.

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Our speciality

tent maker

We specialize in the manufacture of structure tents.

Whether in relation to heavy snow loads, possible ice storms or any other bad weather, the resistance of our products has proven itself in a climate as variable as that of Canada.

The design of each of our products has been developed based on this essential issue. For example, following the studies mentioned above, our structure tents have the ability to withstand winds of up to 140 km.

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