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Quebec Building Authority


Regulations for winter marquee

In Quebec, to install a marquee, the Winter Marquee Regulations require you to have a license from the R.B.Q. Ask one of our advisors for more information.

Our R.B.Q. licence 8274-5837-42


First of all, we respect the regulations on fabrics and materials used for marquees and decoration. This regulation requires compliance with standard CAN / ULC-S109 (Fire behavior test of flammable fabrics and films). We are therefore able to provide a certificate confirming that the marquees comply with fire retardants. include a fire alarm system (sound and visual). Therefore, it must be equipped with a trigger station, reachable from anywhere in the marquee at a maximum distance of 100 feet. At each of these stations, we install an emergency exit with "back-up" battery and a functional and approved fire extinguisher.


First, the structural elements of the marquee must be designed by an engineer. In addition, the latter must be able to certify that the tent and its installation comply with applicable standards. As far as we are concerned, we have all the engineer approvals.

Consult the R.B.Q. winter tent regulations.

Then, a new directive has just been announced by the R.B.Q following problems observed during recent events. The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (R.B.Q) wishes to recall the safety rules concerning the installation and use of tents and marquees in winter.

Since seasonal meteorological conditions, such as accumulations of snow, ice or ice, require increased vigilance given their possible effects on the structure of these temporary installations. And so, this responsibility is shared between the engineer responsible for plans and specifications, the qualified contractor responsible for their installation and the site operator.

Contact us for more information regarding the regulations for winter marquees.

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