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Structure tent

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Recognized by their self-supporting frames, resistant to strong winds and all weather conditions.

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Specifications of our structured marquees

140 km/h
Width 140 ft
35 years of experience
80 lbs capacity

140 km/h

Resistant to winds of 140 km/h

Width 140 ft

Can be up to 140 ft wide


Our tents are all certified by an in-house engineer

35 years of experience

Over 35 years of rental experience


Customized designs possible

80 lbs capacity

Snow load up to 80 pounds per square foot
The specialist

Marquee manufacturer

Opting to do business directly with a clear-span structure manufacturer is the best option for your peace of mind. Whether it's designing, manufacturing or installing the structure tent, the advantage of choosing Grandchamp for a clear span tent is that we do not outsource any part of the process. 

This also allows us to deliver within tight deadlines. In two weeks, your structure tent can be designed, manufactured, delivered and installed! None of our competitors offer this fast turnaround time. We are also one of the few tent suppliers that can work with both imperial and metric systems. Across Canada and the United States, the purchase of a large event tent begins at Grandchamp!

Aluminum structure clear-span tent certified by an engineer

Engineering Certified

Speaking of solidity, for several years, we have been developing the most resistant marquees on the market. First, our design engineers ensure that all our tents can withstand different weather conditions, such as snow or ice, but also gusts of wind of up to 140km/h. Indeed, each structure is certified following several tests and studies supported simultaneously at our offices. We comply with the Canadian and American standards in force and respect all the regulations concerning the commercial tent installation.

Our structure tents are designed to withstand Canadian winters, even up to 140’ feet wide. Each square foot can support up to 80 lbs of snow! None of our tents leaves our factory without being inspected and certified by an engineer. Discover the clear-span tents.

What makes our products unique

Permanent or temporary structure tent

We often see our clear span tents being used at outdoor events such as festivals or corporate events. The removable structure of the tents makes them very useful for seasonal, occasional or short-term activities. This does not mean that our professional tents cannot be used permanently. For example, in the Port of Montrealone of our structures was permanently installed from 2016 to 2022 (even in winter!). The unfailing solidity of Grandchamp marquees makes this possible!

Purchasing a marquee

Several components must be considered when purchasing a structure tent. First, is the manufacturer able to meet all your customization needs? With over 35 years of experience there is hardly any demand stopping our teams from producing custom structure tents fitting your needs! From very large clear-span marquee to industrial tent structures, you can count on us to adapt to your ideas and create the perfect structured marquee for your needs. Find them all in one place with our handy marquee accessories.

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